Simple Baby Einstein Party Games Perfect for Baby Einstein Party Guests of All Ages

Throw an exciting Baby Einstein party for guests of all ages with Baby Einstein theme party games and activities ideal for a great time.

Baby Einstein Picture Scramble. Use Baby Einstein images and cut them into squares. Give the children the puzzles and see if they can put the pictures back together again. another option is to paste the cut out pictures on square blocks for a 3D game.

Baby Einstein Identification. Print out various Baby Einstein animals such as dog, bunny, cat, reindeer, lion etc. The party guests must and try to name the animals in the pictures along with possible sounds they might make. Give fun facts about the animals and other relevant information as well.

Pin the Ears on Dog. This is a fun game that requires player to use cut out dog ears (made from construction paper) and pin them on the dogs head – animals cannot hear without ears For older children have them where a blindfold while toddlers can place the ears on the dog’s head as accurately as possible without the blindfolded. Another option is to create a word box or circle from white paper and black text. The word box or circle for a dog can say bark! The players must place the word pointing to the dogs mouth. The same can be done with other animals also.

Coloring Time: Pictures of Baby Einstein are printed out for the guests to color and enjoy.

Baby Einstein B.I.N.G.O. Create Baby Einstein B.I.N.G.O. cards by placing various Baby Einstein images in the squares on the cards. This is a fun game that can help teach children about different numbers, words, animals and various objects.

Baby Races: To play this game the guests should all sit or stand in one area and their kids in another. On go, parents call their children over to them as fast as possible in a fun race.

Pop the Bubbles. The adults at the Baby Einstein party can blow bubbles and have the young ones jump up and pop the bubbles. No matter the age, blowing and popping bubbles is always fun.

Baby Einstein Group Collage. Have party guests draw and paint on a large sheet of paper in a group effort. Guests of all ages will enjoy a fun filled Baby Einstein Party complete with party supplies and invitations to guarantee a great time. While the purpose of any party is to have a good time, if party guests can learn something as well as have fun then there is no harm in that either.

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