Planning A Baby Shower: The Do’s And Don’ts

When you are planning a kids shower there are certain do’s and don’ts that will help you give the best kids shower ever.

Do begin early. One mistake that is sometimes made when planning a kids shower is to wait until a month before the shower to start planning. This is really not enough time to plan and have everything ready.

Don’t think that you can put the kids shower together without some organization. If you want the shower to run smoothly you will need to organize and spend some time on the project.

Do consider the guest list carefully. Do you want just female friends and family of the mom-to-be or would you like to include males? Have you talked to the new mom to see if she would prefer a couple’s shower?

Do decide if you want the shower to be casual or formal. Do you want to use paper products that can easily be purchased online or at a party store or would you rather pull out the fancy tablecloths, silver and crystal?

Do think about what time of the day you will be having the shower. Will it be a morning, afternoon or evening shower? This will help you decide on the food you will be serving and even on the type of shower.

Don’t forget about possible dietary restrictions. This may apply to the new mom or any of the guests. If great aunt Susan has diabetes you may want to plan on at least one dessert or kind of cookie that is sugar-free.

Do think about how you will decorate and display the foods. Even if you have a small home you can clear the tops of an entertainment center or buffet and have more than one place to place the food. You can use table coverings to make these areas pretty and place the food on trays of different heights. Surround these trays with flowers or garlands and it won’t be long before your food serving areas look magnificent.

Do plan to serve foods that are easy to eat. Cocktail meatballs or bread cubes with dipping sauces may not be the best choices for a kids shower where the guests are trying to balance a plate and cup while sitting on a folding chair.

Don’t feel you need to host a kids shower that will last half the day. Many of the best kids showers are short and sweet.

Do plan games if this is something the mom-to-be would enjoy. The games should not be overly complicated or embarrassing, however.

Don’t plan on making all the final preparations on the day of the kids shower. There are many things you can do ahead of time. The house can be cleaned a few days before the shower and some of the foods can be made. Most of the purchases should be made before the day of the shower and all gifts that will be given at the shower should be wrapped.

Do have a great time at the kids shower. This will not be hard to do if you have planned ahead and are prepared.

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