Baby Shower Gifts & Foods

Few things bring home the excitement and anticipation of having a kids the way a kids shower does. It’s part of the joy with which we greet a new life. If you’re planning a kids shower, you probably have high expectations. You want it to be fun for everyone, especially the new mom. You want it to provide what she needs for the kids. You want the food to be fantastic. And you want a few fun surprises to make the day memorable.

Here’s some advice for party givers to help make the planning easier and the party unforgettable.

Who should you give a shower?

Etiquette guidelines once suggested that the new mom’s relatives shouldn’t give her a party, but today anyone can host a kids shower other than the new parents themselves. In addition, while showers used to be ladies only, couples’ showers are popular these days. They are a great way to make sure the new dad feels just as much a part of the excitement as the new mom.

What details do I need to provide my guests?

Besides the basic whowhatwhenandwhere, hostesses should provide guests with some details to make gift giving easier. For example, is the mother registered at any kids stores? If this is her first child, she might be starting from scratch when it comes to assembling supplies, so find out if she needs the basics blankets, bedding, diapers, clothing, etc. If there will be a theme for gifts, such as a toy shower, be sure to let your guests know. Also, what will be the theme or main colors in the kids’s room? That information will come in handy not only when buying gifts, but in planning your party. A nursery’s theme and colors can double as the kids shower’s theme and decorations. Party favors for guests can take a cue here as well; inexpensive gift bags are available in a variety of colors, and favor items such as individually wrapped soaps, candies or pens can continue the theme.

What are some good ideas for party food?

For a late morning brunch, consider quiches, a pretty bowl of fresh fruit, sweet and savory breads, orange juice, and flavored teas and coffees (be sure some are caffeine free). A luncheon can include some of the same items, along with salads (chicken, shrimp or pasta), finger sandwiches and a cake or cupcakes. For a midafternoon party, try teatime fare such as scones with jam, finger sandwiches and bite size sweets. A potluck dinner makes a fun coed shower. Have each couple bring one casserole to serve and another for the parents to take home and freeze. The readymade dinners will come in handy once the new kids comes home.

How can I show special attention to the new grandmothers?

Grandmotherstobe will be delighted if you give them a corsage to honor their important role. Designate special seats for these ladies right next to the new mom when she’s opening her gifts.

What extra touches will make it a memorable day for the new mom?

Give your guest of honor the best seat in the house the most comfortable armchair, the most relaxing rocker, the plushest pillow packed corner on the couch. Is she the outgoing type who’d like a “Mommy to Be” sash and plenty of upbeat party games? Or is she the quiet type who’d want less frivolity and more time for guests to share their own pregnancy and new mom stories? You know your friend, so focus on her personality and her dreams. You can’t go wrong doing that.

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